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Compression Socks

In its simplest explanation, our Compression Socks can help to increase efficient blood flow (circulation) in the body, which may prevent cramping, spider veins, and blood clots, and also aid in muscle recovery.
From hard-core marathon runners, pregnant women with swollen ankles, long haul flyers to nurses who are on their feet all day, UFlex delivers what everybody wants – high performance compression socks that can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Helps Improve Recovery

Our compression socks alleviate pain and are recommended for tired, aching, fatigued, swollen feet, shin splints, and calf muscle pull; plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, DVT, spider and varicose veins; edema, lymphedema, venous insufficiencies, post-surgical recovery, and athletic recovery.


Make Every
Step Count


Compressive 3D knit, made from an ultra-lightweight, breathable, yet durable professional grade material for optimal temperature regulation.

Graduated compression

Controlled amount of pressure strongest at the ankle and decreased as it travels up the leg. They act like a layer of muscle around the lower leg to improve the venous return and remove lactic acid.


Perfect for any sport, such as running, jogging, basketball, biking, cross fit, hiking, golf, tennis, for yoga or even just walking around, prolonged sitting, standing and flying or travelling.


Aid athletic performance by improving circulation and blood flow, reduce inflammation and swelling, supply muscles with more oxygen, enhance lactic acid removal, decrease muscle soreness.

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Size Chart

Small/Medium Shoe 5.5 - 8.5 Calf 9in -15in

Large/X-Large Shoe 8 - 15.5 Calf 14in-19in